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Devine Professional Consulting Group 


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Food Service Management

Devine Professional Consulting Group is dedicated to managing our clients' high-quality food service at lower costs. We are aligned with one of the largest, fastest-growing group food purchasing organizations and related suppliers regarding cost containment.


What Our Customers are Saying

Staff is great. Very professional and responds time is excellent. Daniesha Baley- CVS

Devine Professional Consulting Group Guarantees: 

• Financial budgets

• Innovative problem solving

• Ongoing review of cost controls, vendor pricing, and purchasing specifications

• National and regional vendor agreements providing the best value in food purchasing

• Quality - We uphold strict food standards, never compromising on the quality

• "From scratch" cooking philosophy

• Healthy recipes – lower fat, sodium and cholesterol

• Maximize flavor and eye appeal while providing "healthy dining alternatives" with freshly prepared foods 


• Responsiveness to your needs and requests

• Menus, recipes, and systems are all uniquely designed for our customers

 • We are focused on reducing the "obesity" trend of today's youth through nutritionally balanced and appetizing meals

maintain weight control for our adults


• Manage your Food Service as a business

• Empower our managers to be proactive

• An important goal is to ensure that your food service program is compliant with all federal, state, and local agencies


• We resolve your food and personnel problems

• Recruitment and retention

• Our corporate dietitian ensures that your menus are nutritious and balanced


• We are a part of your team, not just a vendor

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Higher Education

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We will make it easy for your students to choose their cafeteria as the place they want to eat every day. They'll look forward to meals cooked from scratch with fresh, high-quality ingredients. They'll find plenty of the nutritious foods they want alongside the comfort foods they crave. 
Plus, as they expand their horizons with new concepts in the classroom, their menu will keep pace, continually evolving with new recipes and flavors from our Chef Council's world travels.

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How can you tell if a corporate dining program is the right one? When it's time to eat, your employees' stomachs rumble as they think about chicken peach poppyseed salad, Italian sausage and gorgonzola cheese pizza, and Panaeng Thai curry with pork–all freshly prepared by chefs in your company's cafeteria – not at the restaurant or fast-food place down the street.
DPCG knows how to make this scenario a reality for your workplace. We understand that busy professionals want to fuel their workday with food that makes them feel good and is made with fresh, high-quality ingredients. They want entrees prepared from scratch, dishes that sizzle yet offer proper nutrition without surrendering flavor.


Correctional Facilities

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We will serve meals cooked from scratch with fresh, high-quality ingredients. Their menus will continuously evolve with new recipes and flavors inspired by our Chef Council's ongoing world travels. Of course, it takes more than good food to please your crowd. 
DPCG has over ten years of experience serving correctional customers, and we're always keeping an ear to the ground for feedback on their changing needs. Inmates today want lighter meals and more flexible dining hours; they want to eat when they're hungry, not wait until they should be - so they can move on to the next activity in their day.
Will this progressive approach to food service work with your needs and budget? Absolutely. You'll have a responsive, thorough, environmentally responsible, and dollar-conscious partner from day one. We'll work with you to make your program a success and do everything it takes to give you peace of mind so you can focus on your other responsibilities and let us take care of those tomatoes.


What Our Customers are Saying:

Staff is great. Very professional and response time excellent.

Daniesha Baley - CVS 

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